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About Me

As a Northern born, bred and trained creative, I actively seek to enhance and uplift the audiences in the North. By actively choosing to train on the brand-new MA at ALRA North, I have fostered connections and contacts where I want to create and make change, as well as enhance my passion for integration of technology/recorded performance into my work.



After working on ‘The Last Quiz Night on Earth’ where the integration of both site-specific location and a quiz was used to draw in a different audience, this piqued my interest in highly interactive pieces in found spaces.


Alongside Not Too Tame’s gig theatre/karaoke shows that actively encourage working class voices and interactions, I was drawn to Javaad Alipoor’s ‘The Believers Are But Brothers’ that used WhatsApp/live feeds to create and envelop audiences into a digital world.

This led to a springboard piece at Uni that looked at the female voices of AI and how they could be seen as sexist/subjugated using QR codes around a space to play recorded pieces.

I am currently developing ‘Eat The Rich’ where the audience receive WhatsApp messages throughout spoken word to create a driving character, as well as give the audience a chance to guide the journey of the protagonist (like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book).

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By using the everyday commodity that everyone carries round in their pocket, linking live performance and technology can bring a new audience that would not ordinarily go to the theatre, or feel it was for them.


By staging in 'found' places, it also creates a new experience where the interactions of the audience are seen as worthy, creating a relationship between performer and audience that is highly thrilling and can be lost in traditional pros-arch theatre.


This, along with highlighting socio-political issues in a way that gives room for comment and debate to hopefully get an audience to think and develop their view is my driving motivation for my current work, and why I want to work with Riptide.

As an emerging graduate in the current climate, being adaptive and distinctive while being aware of the current issues we face will be key to any project I work on. By having experience in developing digital pieces, creating my own work and writing that reflects public mood, and working in non-traditional spaces in highly collaborative processes, I believe I can contribute to Riptide’s digital projects. If selected, I will gain an invaluable insight to the logistics of larger scale pieces, benefiting my understanding and ambitions for future projects for Northern/underrepresented audiences. 


Site specific quiz night in pubs/village halls/working men clubs integrating the premise it was the last night on Earth!


(Assistant Director)

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Socio-political digital anarchist piece as part of Brainchild’s Hatch Digital festival. Piece is being developed to integrate WhatsApp messages/character creation for ‘real life’ performance.



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Commissioned by BBC Arts/ACE as a Northern New Creative, this audio piece integrates spoken word and news clips that look at how we treat young women in places of political power (i.e. Greta Thunberg/Malala). Available on BBC Sounds August 2020.

(Please view in desktop to listen to piece.)


Post-apocalyptic piece set in a grade 2 abandoned hotel in Durham. Integrated video/sound and props for immersive bunker/destruction experience.



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Kitty Ball - Theatre Director