I am a Theatre Director and Creative, with training from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in MA in Theatre Directing. I am based in the North of England, working class, female identifying with speech issues/fluency disorder.


I aim to champion regional theatre and Northern trained creatives by creating socio-politically motivated work on taboo or alternative ideas and issues, shaking the foundations and burning down the expectations of what and how theatre can explore. The work is often based on real life events, deep diving into issues that integrates an audiences moral standing. I often integrate verbatim and pop-culture references, along with real world events to integrate the relevance of my work.

Future projects include:

  • RTYDS New Directions North participant

  • Seeking Arrangement by Alexandra Hannant for Burning Brick Theatre Company

  • Northern Saint R&D

I also hold a Project Management Qualification accredited by the Association of Project Managers, and am involved in production creation, production and management. 

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