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Kitty (she/her/they) is a theatre director & creative who makes work that looks at culturally relevant takes (usually on the female, working class struggle), heaped with a ton a pop culture references. 


She aims to champion regional theatre, its audiences and Northern trained creatives by creating socio-politically motivated work that is relevant and contemporary.  She wrote, produced & directed Northern Saint for The Pleasance Future Fringe Festival and won Best Drama at Manchester Fringe with Enough with Moonstone Theatre..


With known works, she often focus on taboo or alternative ideas and issues to weave into the piece, shaking the foundations and burning down the expectations of what and how such theatre pieces can explore.


Original work is often based on real life events, deep diving into issues that integrates an audiences moral standing. She often integrates verbatim and pop-culture references, along with real world events to interrogate the relevance of the work.

After a period of care & bereavement, future projects include:

  • Enough. at Camden Fringe

  • Developing 'To My Mother's Mother's Mother'

She also works at various Drama Schools such as Rose Bruford College in Wigan, (coordinating & supporting the BA Acting), and as Principal Lecturer at The Institute of Contemporary Theatre (BIMM). She regularly collaborating with other freelancers so feel free to get in touch by email or Social Media.

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